Holy Bat Shark!: 150 words on masks

Holy Bat Shark!: 150 words on masks

Batman’s particular disguise with its triangular ears on top of a black mask that covers half of the face has become a cultural symbol for vigilante justice. The disguise no longer obfuscates the identity of the super hero; the mask has become a marker of identity for extraordinary strength. The addition of the mask to this shark demonstrates not a hiding of the shark, but an escalation of symbolic power: Bat mask + regular shark = super vicious shark, but one who uses ferocity to protect the weak. The iconic mask is appropriate for the store that utilizes the Bat Shark as its logo because the Batman as a super hero is representative of comic books in general. The revolution of the comic book world may be summarized in the presumed ubiquity of the Bat mask: when we see it, we recognize the mask as a signal of superhero identity.

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